How to Idle up like Mr Steele with betaflight

After seeing the excellent video from Snake FPV on Idle up VS air mode, I decided to take the plunge and test it with betaflight. As Snake didn’t quite explained how to set it up, I had to fumble around on the inter web to figure out how to do it. I came accross these particularly helpful info from Bulldog FPV: here and here, but it applies to Kiss FC. So I found a comment somewhere that pid_at_min_throttle should be set to OFF and that did the trick.

Anyway, here what I did to make it work. In butterflight, I changed following parameters: set min_command = 1060 (was 1000 by default), set min_throttle = 1050 (was 1070 by default) and set pid_at_min_throttle = OFF (was ON by default). On top of that, I added an override throttle Channel switch with val=-100 in my taranis and set min microsecond to 1068 on throttle Channel output.

I’ll keep you posted on the results after some tests.


Blackout rebirth!

Since I killed both one motor and one ESC, I entirely rebuilt my Blackout with up to date FC, ESCs and PDB. More to come …

Photo 04-07-2017 07 32 33

HyperLite F4 banggood clone. How to Bind LemonRx sat and use BLHeli passthrough to program ESCs

This board Betaflight Raceflight 6DOF F4 STM32F405 1.2 Version… is a clone of PyroDrone HyperLite F4 Flight Controller. It is great but it has its secrets. I had to wire LemonRX Sat signal to RX3 pad so I could put receiver to bind mode. After that, type set spektrum_sat_bind=5 for DSM2 and type set spektrum_sat_bind_autorst=0 so it doesn’t reset when FC restart. Don’t forget to solder signal back to RX1 afterward.
Another trick to use BLHeli passthrough is to install Zadig driver and replace com port driver with CDC. Once I had worked out all of these, the board is really awesome and probably ready for DSHOT 1200.

New main quad!

I did its maiden flight this morning and I am in awe with this machine. It it really powerful but precise at the same time and I feel like I now have same quad as the ones used by the best pilots. Its main features are:

  • Dshot 600
  • FC and motors soft mount
  • F4 FC

More details to come.