HyperLite F4 banggood clone. How to Bind LemonRx sat and use BLHeli passthrough to program ESCs

This board Betaflight Raceflight 6DOF F4 STM32F405 1.2 Version… is a clone of PyroDrone HyperLite F4 Flight Controller. It is great but it has its secrets. I had to wire LemonRX Sat signal to RX3 pad so I could put receiver to bind mode. After that, type set spektrum_sat_bind=5 for DSM2 and type set spektrum_sat_bind_autorst=0 so it doesn’t reset when FC restart. Don’t forget to solder signal back to RX1 afterward.
Another trick to use BLHeli passthrough is to install Zadig driver and replace com port driver with CDC. Once I had worked out all of these, the board is really awesome and probably ready for DSHOT 1200.


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