5″ prop 4S race configuration

The purpose of this rig is to do aerobatics and carry a GoPro around. It is meant to be light, powerful and have very less resistance to the wind.  Among True X type frames able to swing 5″ propellers, the Lumenier QAV-X Charpu edition with 3mm main plate or the Realacc X210 clone with 4mm main plate stands out of the lot.

These type of frames are shorter and have less room to install electronic components. Also the battery is strapped under the quad which means the quad actually lands on it! But they are also lighter and nimble.

Photo 04-05-2016 19 17 35
Miniquad Components details (price tbd)
Note that Banggood has some very good deals on some of these components
Recommended Accessories (not included)

Recommended FPV Components (not included)