3″ prop micro racer configuration

I offer this amazing toy in 3 different configurations


Budget – Starting from 300 Euros

It’s a 3S setup which is well suited for outdoor initiation.


Performance – Starting from 400 Euros

It’s the fastest configuration in 4S with 3035 3 Blade propellers. You will compete with 250 size miniquads.


Indoor – Starting from 320 Euros

For those who would like to fly FPV at home or train line of sight in acro mode.


Transmitter and goggles

Only the RC Transmitter is included in starting pack of each configuration. This allow me to bind the quad and perform in flight settings. The charger and FPV goggles are suggestions. There is no point in buying them from me.

Assembly, settings, binding and test flight

Services brought by Quadroracer are mostly here. It is about knowledge of parts which are well matched, where to find them, the assembly, soldering job, provide accessories like shrink tubing and electric wires, software settings of flight controller boards and electronic speed controllers and lastly flight test and fine tuning.

Recommended Accessories (not included)

Recommended FPV Components (not included)