Total beginner guide


When one does start out in the discipline and wish to custom build his own race machine, it is hard not to get lost among overabundant offer. Choosing cheap components could end up with being disappointed and having to pay two times for something that work as intended. Believe me, once you have tasted it, you will not want to stop.

Therefore, I will give you all details of configurations I offer because I consider them as being solid, durable and do not require any upgrade to perform.

I list below all milestones to pass and the hardware to buy to invest in this hobby in a durable manner.

1/ Learn to fly line of sight.

Learn to fly with a simulator

Buy Phoenix simulator from Banggood for 8 Euros. Phoenix is the reference next to RealFlight.

Buy a true mode 2 transmitter which is not a toy you will trash.

With Spektrum, you get a transmitter with the most common radio protocol and compatible with all RC stuff sold by HorizonHobby which is the world largest dealer in RC hobby. By the way, Hobby grade means that they sell parts to repare their products.

You may also opt for FrSky protocol and buy a Taranis transmitter which is really popular amongst Drone racer pilots thanks to their really robust and solid link.

Learn to fly with a micro quad

IMG-20150322-WA0001 IMG-20150322-WA0000

It is possible to learn your flight orientations with a micro quad because it is light enough so it can never get damaged by hitting something or being dropped. Moreover propellers are small enough so they can not hurt anybody. Another key point is you can train at home.

With a Spektrum transmitter, you can purchase a Blade Nano and bind it to your radio.

Otherwise, buy a Eachine H8 in mode 2.

 2/ Upgrade to true FPV rig

I recommend you buy a 5″ prop beginner configuration I offer in my builds. You will improve your line of sight pilot skills without too much risk to break anything. You can purchase FPV goggles later on and have a blast.

Training yourself to learn to fly will probably only cost you propellers and nylon bolts.

Transitioning to FPV
Once you master square circuits in front of you point your copter in any direction (nose out, nose in, nose right, nose left), you are ready for FPV goodness.
This is the moment to buy FPV goggles if didn’t buy them yet.

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