150 rebuilt: 168g only

Since I had to change one motor on my second 150, I decided to rebuild it entirely to shave weight and make it even more durable. I simply removed almost all connectors and went with direct soldering of ESCs signal wires to the Flight Controller. I moved the XT60 to the back as I didn’t like it when it was on the front and I got rid of the leds underside. I also went back to my surveilzone cmos camera because I didn’t like the mini one from banggood and I attached the VTx and antenna very securely to the top plate with zip ties. The result turned out very good as it now weights only 168g without battery.


Not enough tilt at this point

I have now reached the point where I want to go faster, and that requires more tilt to FPV camera angle. As you can see in following footages, I often find myself looking at the ground and not being able to keep altitude constant when going fast forward. As my Blackout frame does no allow me to change camera angle, expect me to consider new frame and electronics in upcoming months ;0)